3ATC Electrospindle

for compact tapping machinig centers with "revolver" style automatic tool change system

Brushless DC Motors

  • No special maintenance needed
  • Longer lifespan guaranteed

Motors for machinig up to 60.000rpm and 80.000 rpm

  • iSpeed Series with 150W Power

No thermal expansion

  • More accurate machining

Ceramic bearings

  • Optimal solution for continuos machinig, with less vibrations due to high temperatures and high rpm compared to traditional bearings

Less than 1 micron run-out

  • Maximum accuracy during maching
  • Extended tool life

BT30 Shank


  • The rotary joint mounted on the revolver of automatic tool change gives power to the electrospindle and assure pressurization and cooling to the system

Choose your Shank


BT 30

Brushless DC Motor

140/150W Power

Adjustable rpm

Up to 60.000rpm and 80.000 rpm

Indexing pin interaxis

80mm standard
65mm optional

Rotary Joint

2/4 outputs

Operating functions interfaced with the machine CNC control

The controller is compatible with E3000 series and iSpeed series motors. The controller can be interfaced with the CNC of the machining center through M codes.

Start & Stop Functions

Motor speed adjustment

Waning and error signals

RH/LH rotations

Load monitor
LED control

4 Presetted Speeds Can Be Memorized

Protection Functions

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Assembly Diagram